Between dolphins and Celtic legends.

Muros; extraordinary natural harbor and one of the capital places on the sea inlet.

Stone facades, arcs and tiles; with the dense forest, the picture an unforgettable postcard.

At the beggining of the sea inlet, on the north side, next to Louro Mountain, San Francisco bay is found. It’s not the USA one, but the one which gave their name through their monks.

On the south part, we can find Portosin; modern nautical environment and sailors common place for rest and also for all around the world globetrotters.

  • GROUP BOOKING:  Choose your date
  • GROUP PRICES: 1080-€ boat/2 days (max 8 people.)


Boarding time: 10:00 am

Set sailing time: 10:30 am

Castro de Baroña arrival time: 12:30 pm

Free time for swim, visit the Castro and have lunch

Around 4.00 pm we will sail around the sea inlet to have a swim into the A Lagoa beach. San Francisco Bay will be reached in the evening.

Set sailing time to Aguieira: 10:30 am

Aguieira arrival time: 12:30 pm

Free time for a swim, go ashore, visit the forest, the dunes and the river on this emblematic beach.

At the afternoon we will head to Portosin in order to know the town and the nautical club environment.

Set time for come back: 5:30 pm

Muros arrival time: 7:30 pm

El precio incluye:  Patrón-guía, combustible,  amarres, fondeo con desembarco en zodiac, amarre, agua potable, IVA, y todos los servicios de a bordo de baños, cocina y camarotes.

The price includesSkipper-guide, fuel, mooring fees, anchoring with trip ashore, water, VAT, and all on-board services: bathrooms, kitchen and cabins.

(Meals are not included).

Clothes: Comfortable sport clothing is recommended, as well as some warm garment and a waterproof jacket. Footwear shall have light coloured sole in order not to blacken the deck. Thin heels are not allowed.