Earth and Sea spectacular encounter.

Situated in one of the western vertex of the European continent, is a refuge place for rest.

Natural Park, ZEPA, LIC or RAMSAR are the figures protecting this space. Aquiatic fowl over-wintering cesus done in the last years saying that more than 2300 fowls of over 35 species.

In this route we will visit and know one of the biggest moving dunes in Europe, with fresh water ponds, forminng one of the biggest well conserved sandy area in Galicia.

Visit Corrubedo Lighthouse, go for a walk around the cozy town or rest in some of the rterraces next to the sea will be a pleasure for all your senses.

Drop anchor and have lunch on Salvora small bay, sail next the the huge sandy area or have a swim in open waters will be a experience you will remember all your life.

  • GROUP BOOKING:  Choose your date
  • GROUP PRICE: 1080-€ boat/1 days (max 8 people)


Boarding time: 10:00 am

Departing time: 10:30 am

Arrival time at Corrubedo: 1:30 pm

Lunch will be either on board or on land. Free time to visit the island of enjoy the beaches.

The dunes, the town or the lighthouse can be visited later. In the afternoon we will visit the big bay arount the dune.. We will stay overnight on Corrubedo.

Departing time to Sálvora: 10:30 am

Arrival time to Sálvora: 12:30 pm

Lunch will be either on board or on land. Free time to visit the island of enjoy the empty beaches.

Departing time ( Muros: 4:00 pm – Riveira: 5:30 pm ).

The price includesSkipper-guide, fuel, mooring fees, anchoring with trip ashore, water, VAT, and all on-board services: bathrooms, kitchen and cabins.

(Meals are not included).

Food supplies for the day have to be taken and are not included in the price.

Clothes: Comfortable sport clothing is recommended, as well as some warm garment and a waterproof jacket. Footwear shall have light coloured sole in order not to blacken the deck. High heels are not allowed.

Atuendo: Se recomienda llevar ropa cómoda y deportiva así como prendas de abrigo y chaqueta de agua. El calzado debe ser de suela clara, (la suela oscura deja huellas). No se permiten tacones.