The biggest islands at the National Park.

Three islands make up the archipelago of Cíes Islands. The Rodas beach, naturally linking the Norte (Northern) island to the Faro (Lighthouse) island, was declared the most beautiful in the world in 2007 by the British newspaper The Guardian.

The path to the lighthouse, located at the highest point of the archipelago is a must.

The third island, called “do Sur” (Southern) or “de San Martiño” (St. Martins’) is only reachable by private boats, anchoring in its paradise beach. It’s probably the most pristine beach of the entire park, along with Onzeta at Ons.

There are around 25,000 yellow-legged gull couples living at the archipelago, the world’s largest colony. The neighbouring Ons islands share as-well a rich number of sea-birds.

Sailing from one to other archipelago will be an opportunity to easily enjoy, in its purest and wild, the company of dolphins, northern gannets, cormorants and the almost extinct in Galicia guillemots.

  • SALIDAS PARA GRUPOS:  A elegir fecha
  • GROUP PRICE: 1080-€ boat/2 day (máx 8 peo.)


Boarding time: 10:00 hours

Set sailing time: 10:30 hours

Arrival at Cíes time: 14:30 hours

Lunch will be on board or on land. Free time to visit the island of enjoy the beaches.

Sleeping will be on board at Rodas o San Martiños beaches.

Set sailing to Ons time: 10:30 hours

Arrival to Ons time: 12:30 hours

Free time to visit the island and enjoy its beaches and rich gastronomy.

Set sailing back time: 17:00 hours

Arrival to Ribeira time: 19:30 horas

The price includes:  Skipper, sailor, fuel, mooring fees, anchoring with trip ashore, water, VAT, and all on-board services: bathrooms, kitchen and cabins.

(Meals are not included).

Food supplies can be taken for the journey, or eat at the islands’ canteens.


Comfortable sport clothing is recommended, as well as some warm garment and a waterproof jacket. Footwear shall have light coloured sole in order not to blacken the deck.