Welcome to Arousa Náutica

Arousa Náutica welcomes you on board to enjoy some memorable voyages sailing across the “Rías Baixas” fiords and the Atlantic Islands National Park in Galicia.

Whether you are looking for relax, adventure, culture or training suggestions (or a bit of all…) you’ll always be in the hands of talented and qualified professionals, with years of sea experience.

Have a look to the routes and trips we have planned, our official nautical training courses or sailing experience programs, and our rental deals. And don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or to set up a personal plan for you.


What do we offer?

Experience and safety

Our crew, skippers and sailors, hold up to date diplomas and official certifications. They comply with all legal requirements and have years of experience in coastal shipping, and in most cases also in oceanic navigation.

Safety is always our first criteria to consider before setting off.

Full training

We offer cruise sailing courses for beginners, for anyone who wants to start safely and focusing on the basic handling.

Theory classes and official sailing, navigation and security practices for the Spanish PNB qualification (equivalent to RYA’s Powerboat Level 2) and the Spanish PER qualification (equivalent to RYA’s Coastal Skipper).

Discover the ``Rías´´

Jump on-board and discover Galicia in a different way. The “Rías Baixas” set of broad fiords grant with no doubt sailing security all year round. And heading for the high seas to feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean… is a privilege.

Cool environmet

For every trip, one of our main goals is to get every passenger to have a pleasant time and end up with a memorable experience.

We strive to ensure so, and always take note of any suggestions for our continous improvement.


FernandoCharter skipper and trainee instructor
ManelPrincipal and Arousa Náutica C.M.
Fernando Buj.
Fernando Buj.Charter skipper and trainee instructor
MarcosProfessor of theory and trainee instructor



Fénix VI

Fénix-VI is an Oceanis Clipper 47.3. You’ll have a 14.20 meters long sailing ship conforatbily fitted for 10+2 people. A treat to discover the secrets of the estuaries.

Boat´s Card


Karracucas is a 36 feet (11 meters) Duforur specially equipped for the official certifications practical trainings.

For PER and PNB courses (RYA’s Coastal Skipper and Powerboat Level 2 equivalents).

Boat´s Card